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European Football Managers Online
A few words on technical matters:
EFM was built on Adobe Virtual Machine 2.0, this gives us the ability to run it on almost all devices. From PC, consoles even handheld devices such as smart phones etc. The Server which is the heart has been developed primarily in J2SE. Technologically the game (system) involves more than 4 programming languages and a very well organized and powerful database in order to achieve the characteristics and features raised during the analysis phase and design.

The "Revolution" this time is all about football!
- Create your account and become a successful Manager in the world of EFM.
- Direct your own team with a starting amount of money you are given to “kick off” your team.
- Choose from hundreds of emblems and colors to customize your team the way you want.
- With a wide selection of jerseys.
- Football stadiums for your team.
- Choose the country of origin of your team (European).
- Find other players depending on the location and characteristics you select. Thousands of professional and amateur players with unique abilities are available from 27 countries worldwide.
- Set up your team using systems and tactics to prove your own skills as a Football Manager.
- Train your team regularly, either individually or as a team to increase performance.
- Join Tournaments available depending on your category and the level.
- Come face to face with real players from all around the world.
- Play a 10 ' match daily (depending on the match schedule).
- Keep up to date on stats and rankings of your league.
- As a Football Manager, you will face events will affect your players. Make the right adjustments and swap players during matches for the best results.
- Increase your player’s stats, depending on the points you have gained.
- Proceed to transfers to make your team stronger.
- Hire staff for your team (doctors, physiotherapists, security staff etc.)
- Build new larger, high class stadiums with new features to gain a worthy position in the field of football management and be triumphant.
- Meet new people and find friends from around the world through the EFM Community.
- Live Messenger, is available for direct conversation with your friends.
- Read the EFM "newspaper" to keep up to date on news concerning the game.
- View leaderboards with Top Managers and the leading teams of EFM.

Available Languages: Multi-language