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GensWar Online
Expanding in the field of Web Games in association with Arserus LTD we co-financed a Browser Strategy Game. The game supports multi-language content and can be played on multiple devices. Registration is free for everyone, although the game does include a premium membership and micro-transactions to obtain in-game virtual money. The user the choice among several payment methods such as: SMS, PayPal, Visa, PaySafe card etc.

The game is based in the dark era of the Middle Ages. Where merciless decisions take place and logic comes in last. These battles diminished and destroyed governments of entire empires and countries, leading to a world with faint borders which are not yet clearly divided into states or empires creating tension and small-scale local wars.

Everyone, however, naturally has the need to accompany a group, a mass, a nation and gain power through it. Despite recent disasters and the absence of governments and organized states, everyone still believes in their origins to which they belong and remain true to their nation.

Be the one who will give hope and encourage your nation to be the best in the world of GensWar. Start by governing a small village appropriately, create an army, form alliances with anyone you think is worthy and convince the world that you can become the next leader. A leader who will unite villages and towns and will create a battalion that no will dare to challenge.

Join the War!

Available Languages: Multi-language