SDS Game Studios
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SDS Game Studios is a software development company created in 2006 and became a legal entity in 2008. We are an emerging, talented development team that consists of young people who possess skills to create new, fun and appealing titles. We consist of only a few members to date; each of our colleagues specializes in their own field and is willing to work hard for the best expected outcome.

The title of our game :«1453-1821: The Coming of Liberation» which refers to the Greek revolution, was released in 2008 and became a best seller in Greece. Since then we have worked on various projects such as «European Football Managers» beta version, which was released in 2010 as a MMO Browser game. This game is not currently hosted due to company policy. From the summer of 2010 we have made new agreements on cutting edge projects that are under construction and will make their appearance in 2012.