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1/23/2008: Interview for Greek magazine Bigfish
A successful report on how it all began and the history of the company given by the members of the «Bigfish» magazine in «Proto Thema» newspaper.

Read the interview below:

"FRIENDS, STUDENTS at polytechnic schools, video game veterans, self-educated game developers, owners of SDS Game Studios, the people who managed to turn the Revolution of 1821 from a historical legacy tucked away in boring encyclopedias into their first scenario, "homebrew” computer game. Although their years of age of all four (back then) members are quite distant from the century the game is based, Prosilis Argyris, Chatzitofis Argyris, George Pappas and Panos Papathanasiou wanted to make their debut in the world strategy gaming with a comprehensive reference to the Greeks struggle for freedom against the Turks. What was it that stimulated these four young minds, which grew up with Atari and Amstrad to dig up Greek History? «We chose a subject that is clearly a job done by Greeks. The title of the game is "1453-1821: The Coming of liberation." That alone is enough for one to immediately conclude that it is a project of Greek game developers» says Argyris Chatzitofis, who acquired the responsibility of the 3D animation. «Ancient Greece is a scenario already seen by other games. This game provides Greek gamers with something they probably won’t see from any other international companies» complements Panos Papathanasiou, aka The man who dug up all the historical facts for the scenario. «The game begins with the selection of the Hero you will undertake to liberate the Greek cities. Argyris Prosilis, project manager, directs to the digital version of the Revolution of 1821: "In the beginning of the game each player chooses between Kolokotronis or Papaflessas. The first "mandatory" battle is that of Impassable Mani. From then on you can choose in which order you will free the cities and when you’re ready and want to attack Turkish troops, depending on the resources gathered, loans from foreign forces and help from your alliances». Basically the game is a balance between the logic of «real strategy game» and «real turn based game» ". In other words, something between «Age of empires» and «Civilization» The four of them have not studied video game design and development, or belonging to a generation that spends days and nights in internet cafés attached to a game. Their interest started after reading the books of Argyris Chatzitofis older brother. The two Argyris and Panos Papathanasiou grew up together in Didimo Argolidas, at the age of 18 Georga Pappas was added to the group. It was then decided that a video game was there dream and set out to prove it possible. «We weren’t professionals, we had no sponsor. During our studies and examinations we would get together and sometimes work 8 to 10 hours a day on the project» Says Argyris Prosilis, while the other 3 nod unanimously, Prosilis took upon the hardest part of the job.

«Do you know what 115,000 lines of code means» expressed the other Argyris and I confess that my knowledge is proved rather meager. When I asked him if it is better to play or create a video game, the answer was rather surprising: «When I made the character of Kolokotronis I saw it the game I felt very strange. I cannot describe it exactly. It was definitely something more than joy… When you see a man, an ancestor who fought almost 200 years come to life in your video game» George fills in:« When we heard the characters talking and in my voice, saying "Hello lads," we felt that the game really came to life» The "Greekness" of the game is further enhanced by the local folk songs throughout the game (from "Papalampraina" to "Duck goes to the river" (Papaki paei sthn potamia) which George chose), without the scenario being in favor to the Greek side: «We solely relied on historical events. There is no bigotry or nationalism. We followed history» says Panos Papathanassiou. Since last June SDS Game Studios intrigued domestic computer game companies and within the next month should have their first official release of "1453-1821: The Coming of Liberation” What’s it like suddenly crossing over from an everyday student to a professional? «From the point where our work was recognized we had a vision for our future work. The video game industry has a lot to offer. Already there are thoughts and ideas for releasing our next game, even overseas» says Argyris Prosilis. However, one would assume that their dream would be to work in a major company: «No, we don’t want a larger company to "take us on" We have our own Team, we have experience and expertise, the aim is to promote ourselves. We want to be independent of how we execute our ideas. Not selling ourselves and working as employees» Maybe their parents had to "leave aside their presbyopia," quoting Argyris Chatzitofis joke, to understand what they are doing. They and their children were forced to communicate on their own progress through MSN messenger since they were studying in different cities; these difficulties are probably insignificant for themselves: «In this field the most important thing is to start something and release it. And we succeeded» says Argyris Prosilis, taking the next question from our mouth, for the secret to success: «We came this far working as a Team» And it may ultimately be the truest and most evident proof that the four of them our heroes of evolution, 187 years after the Revolution of 1821 to revive through intricate algorithms, obscure languages to the public mind and many, many hours of work».

Occasionally there have been various media reports on the progress of the company and our projects.
Below are some of them (Language - Greek):