SDS Game Studios
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Reasons why we believe in our company and associates:

- SDS Game Studios is one of few companies in Greece that develop Video Games professionally. Active since 2006 and from 2008 has legal license, remaining devoted to success.

- The Team's average age is 24 years old. We are people who have grown up in a “High-Tech” era of video games with fresh, creative ideas and have demonstrated our talents in the field.

- We have completed the construction of a game within 18 months simply being creative, without any financial gain or encouragement.

- We released the first Greek strategy game in Greece and Cyprus that remained with the top best sellers for several months, leaving behind famous titles released by much larger companies.

- Using high-tech tools and modern methods of construction for necessary material in the particular video game.

- Finally, when given a chance to cooperate, our plan as a group is to work united, aiming at the same interests with mutual efforts, for a common goal and not a competitive cooperation.